About Us


Founded in Vijayawada in 2013, Mother Blood Bank is a non-profit, online blood bank service. We connect those who are in dire need of blood transfusions to those people who are voluntarily willing to donate blood at the time of necessity.


Each and every day, numerous burn and accident victims as well as individuals undergoing surgeries and heart transplants need immediate blood transfusions all across India. Patients suffering from Thalassemia and Haemophilia require regular blood infusions to effectively manage their condition. It is thus safe to assert that timely blood transfusions can save and prolong lives. Regrettably, the demand for blood is exponentially higher than is its supply, and this results in an unnecessary loss of life.


Mother Blood Bank is the brainchild of Mamidi Sai Akash, a student of class 10. A humanitarian at heart, Akash founded Motherbloodbank.com with the hope of saving lives. His focused and unrelenting efforts towards this mission earned him the support of his Excellency Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (the former President of India). Dr. Kalam inaugurated ‘Mother Blood Bank’ in 2013 and praised Akash for his commendable efforts. He believed that young individuals like Akash can make a difference to the future of our country. Akash has funded and supported Mother Blood Bank on his own, without any external succour. Indeed, in 2012, Akash founded ‘Awesome Computech Pvt Ltd’, and has been diverting the profits to support MotherBloodBank.com.


Through his sheer dedication, hard work and unfaltering determination to raise awareness for the importance of blood donation, our founder, Mr. Sai Akash Mamidi has been recognized by the esteemed Guinness World Records.


www.motherbloodbank.com works to eradicate the dearth of voluntary blood donor listings, who can be contacted for blood donation when the need arises. Through our sustained efforts, we have successfully registered over one lakh seventy thousand willing blood donors to date. 1. Visit our website to find a blood donor nearest to your location.
2. Select the required blood group and preferred location (state, district, and city).
3. Perform a donor search. You will be presented with a list of donors closest to you.
4. Contact them directly for their help and have fresh blood supplied at your doorstep. It’s that convenient.

"A single pint of blood can save three lives; a single gesture can create a million smiles."


In a short span of time, Mother Blood Bank has become one of India’s largest and most modern, web-based blood bank service. Mr. Akash started this noble project as an individual, but his thoughts inspired many people to come forward and help him fulfil his life’s desire. Over the years, Akash has conducted many camps to educate people about the importance of blood donation, all across India.


At Mother Blood Bank, we are on a mission to eradicate the dearth of blood through streamlined and sustained efforts.

"Give hope, Give blood, and Give life."


It is our vision to reach a point in time in which the demand for blood equals the supply, so that no one is a victim of a scarcity of this important resource. We hope to make blood available easily to all human beings, particularly in times of crises. It is our hope — and our prayer — that we grow internationally as well, to expand beyond the borders of India.


"Empathy is paying attention to the person in pain" ~Daniel Goleman~

Goleman’s words reverberated in my heart and mind as I saw my friend in a deplorable condition after an accident, moving from city to city across India in search of blood. This most regrettable experience inspired me to launch MotherBloodBank.com. I wanted to ensure that no human being should toil ever had to share in the experience of my friend — for blood should and must be more readily available to those in dire need. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all of our wonderful donors and to those individuals who inspired other donors to register with motherbloodbank.com. It gives me immense pleasure to see how Mother Blood Bank has stretched its roots across our nation and surely more is yet to come. Let us work together to save precious lives by assisting blood recipients promptly. And to all the blood recipients and their families, please remember, we are but a phone call away...