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Mother Blood Bank Donor Services relies on volunteers as much as we rely on blood donors to achieve the mission of providing a safe and adequate blood supply to our community.

We have volunteers in all the states across India. A statewide list is available. A volunteer can enroll as many volunteers as he or she can. Please contact the local volunteers.

How Can I Help?

Volunteers can assist in number of enjoyable ways at blood drives, donor centers, and special events including: Donor Registration, Donor Monitoring, Donor Recruiting, and Administrative Duty (Clerical Work, Special Event Coordination).

What Are the Benefits of Volunteering?

  • A feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment from helping your community.
  • An opportunity to meet new people.
  • Earn community service hours.
  • Gain work experience in a healthcare setting.
  • When and Where Can I Volunteer? Hours can be flexible.
  • A certification of appreciation will be sent if you enroll 100 Donors.
  • A shield will be given if you enroll 250 Donors.
  • A reward will be given if you enroll 500 Donors.

Guide lines to volunteers :

  • Collect the Donor's list and put it in the Mother Blood Bank.com website donor tab.
  • Donor can register him or herself by mentioning the Volunteer name or the Volunteer can register the donor name on behalf of the Donor.
  • When a Donor is registered under a volunteer the volunteer will receive a mail containing the count of donors registered under his name.
  • All of the following resources can be used: ( English Pamplet , Telugu Pamplet , Android App , Windows App )
  • Mother Blood Bank is a service in which we have the ability to find donors online at any time. If the user couldn't find the donor at a particular time, they can use this service and find the nearest blood anywhere across India.
  • This service is used in an emergency need. If a person suffers a heart attack, paralysis, appendicitis, an increase in blood pressure, asthma, seizures (fits), or any other life-threatening problem, we immediately dial up to a service, but waiting is never a viable option and so, through this service, we can find the nearest hospital in the particular area.