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Mother Blood Bank is a service where we can find donors online at any time, if the user couldn't find the donor on the particular time, they can use this service and find the nearestblood through out India.

Health Services

This service is used in an emergency need. If a person gets heart attack, Paralysis, appendicitis, increase in Blood Pressure, Asthma, Seizures (Fits) or any other life risk problem we immediately dial up to a service, but waiting might cause anything, so by this service we can find the nearest hospital in the particular area.

Educational Services

There are many children who has the zeal to study but due to poverty they stay away to schools. To avoid this there are many educational trusts to educate these students. You can join your hands with these trusts to educate such children to make them people like A.P. J. Abdul Kalam, Narendhra Modi etc.,

Health Tips M

Health tips are precautions for any problem. Through this service you can find many kinds of precautionary health tips which keeps us away from health problems and also can find tips for curing the problem to avoid very general tests in the hospitals which saves money.

Old Age Homes

There are many senior citizens in the old age homes who are looking for love, affection and mankind towards them. If you really have a heart of showing your affection towards them and also to help them, you can find the list of old age homes in your area through this service.

Orphanage Homes

We can find many little children begging and as child labour. Don't you feel it as heart touching. To join such children in the orphanage or to give information about them, or to adopt a child or to donate anything to the orphanage you can find the nearest orphanages through this service.